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Website Migration Process


The purpose of this project is for The College or Arts & Sciences Web Team to provision a website in the university’s enterprise content management system (Cascade) and university-supported standard template site for [department name]. The design and implementation will be based upon the Emory College standard website template.

Estimated Scope

The scope of the engagement between client and Emory College is for Emory College to provision a standard template web presence in the Cascade Server Content Management System (CMS).

In Scope

The following tasks are part of the scope for this estimate. Build a website for client, including:

  1. Phase One - Content Preparation

    1. First Consulation

      Explain process needed to provide completed website. Introduce Slickplan and creation of sitemap. Consult on web best practices. Offer guidance on site architecture and navigation.

    2. Content Collection

      Client will input text content into Slickplan/Cascade to finalize pages and site hierarchy.

      Client will upload images, videos, other graphic assets, and support documents into Slickplan, Box or OneDrive.

    3. Last Consultation

      Review sitemap and client produced content.

      Review images and other support material.

      Review and finalize site architecture and navigation. Discuss layout options and components.

  2. Phase Two - Site Buildout

    1. Web Development

      Provision necessary structures within the CMS.

      Create publish location for the website on a staging server for client’s use and testing.

    2. Content Migration

      Migration into new website of text content, images and support files basedon agreed upon sitemap into ST4 template.
    3. Accessibility Review

    4. Analytics Setup

      Setup Analytics in Cascade/Google.

  3. Phase Three - Finalization

    1. First Review

      Client and College meet for site review.

    2. Final Changes

      College completes requeseted edits.

    3. Final Review

      Client and College meet for final site review.

    4. Go-Live

      Site published and redirects completed.

    5. Training

      Provide one training session for department web editors.

      Provide a link to the online documentation.